The Classic French Market Basket

Charming and functional French baskets with a gorgeous, rustic leather handle. Handwoven with more attention to detail than any machine could replicate, each European designed basket is unique and may vary slightly depending on the artist. These French market baskets are the perfect alternative to single-use bags whether it be for carrying produce from the market or a picnic. 

In France, people continue to use French baskets to go to the market and do their shopping and our French basket collection makes the perfect accessory for visiting your favorite Virginia farmer’s market or winery. Using the DoumDoum palm leaf of Morocco, the leaves are picked at the same time as dates are harvested. Then, to support women in the economy, the basket models are shared to the makers who weave the baskets by hand at their homes, oftentimes in winter, when there is less to do outdoors. All basket hulls made by the artisans are sorted, washed and dried then stored in the Marrakech workshop where they are further transformed by craftsmen who carefully add the leather and details. A French basket is a product made entirely by hand, with natural and biodegradable materials, making it the ideal bag, ecological, durable and also beautiful.