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Mother Shrub Cranberry

Mother shrub's Cranberry is a blend of Virginia-crafted organic apple cider vinegar, pressed juice from organic cranberries, and unrefined organic cane sugar. A tart and sweet combination delicious splashed in champagne prosecco, hard seltzer, hard cider, or sparkling cider, this juice blend is a delightful tangy addition to drinks. Also able to be drizzled over berries and pound cake, Mother Shrub Cranberry is extremely versatile.

Recipe: Sunset Shrub Spritz

3 oz Prosecco (Cava or Champagne would work too) 1/2 -1 oz MOTHER shrub, your choice (We like black cherry, cranberry or grapefruit mixed with bubbly, adjust to taste) Generous splash of sparkling water Pour into a glass over ice, garnish and serve. Floating in river at sunset optional.