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MeadowCroft Farm Pickled Asparagus

Stalks of fresh, tender asparagus preserved in a salt brine.  Serve as a garnish or eat right out of the jar.  A true delicacy. Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free.

RECIPE IDEA… Individually freeze on cookie sheet.  After frozen, put in zip lock bag. Use in Bloody Marys to keep drinks cool.  Eat when finished!

Meadowcroft Farm's founders grew up on farms in the Shenandoah Valley and their all-natural pickles, relishes and spreads are crafted from heirloom recipes — recipes that preserve the memories and traditions of times past.

This Virginia maker uses only the best locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, flavored with whole spices and herbs. No artificial preservatives are ever added, and each item is made in small batches — hand-cut and hand-packed right on their farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.