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Signed Botanical Giclee by Gastinger, March

Signed limited edition print. The originals were painted with sepia watercolor and received the highest honor of a gold medal at the 2018 Royal Horticultural Society Botanical Art show in London. You can own a limited signed edition (50 prints of each) of your favorite month of Virginia’s flora! Look for other items by Charlottesville artist Lara Call Gastinger in our shop including W&C tea towel, W&C pillow and notecards.

Each giclee print is 11 x 14 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Plants featured: Corydalis flavula, Cardamine concatenata, Jeffersonia diphylla, Mertensia virginica, Cardamine hirsuta, Asarum canadense, Magnolia stellata, Stellaria pubera, Houstonia caerulea, Claytonia virginica, Anemone americana, Podophyllum peltatum, Lindera benzoin, Sanguinaria canadensis, Cercis canadensis