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Farmhouse Belly Mug

Meadow Green
Sky Blue

The Farmhouse style mugs are so wonderful to hold and make the perfect vessel for any drink or treat of your choosing.

Sky Blue: The glazing combination of sky blue and caramel is perfectly reminiscent of summer seas and Blue Ridge mountain ranges making it lovely for any outdoors lover. 

Meadow Green: The green glaze is speckled like the egg of a wild songbird, and the color makes one think of sunnier days in the garden. This mug is a gracious accessory for any lover of the natural world. 

Vanilla: With a creamy white glaze and freckles throughout as if the potter used real vanilla bean, this mug adds a touch of cozy crispness to any home.  

Holds roughly 13 fl. oz.

Hand-thrown by B. Robertson Pottery based in Strasburg, VA.