Albemarle Co Wildflower

Harvested from Albemarle County hives of the Virginia Piedmont, the bees that made this honey feasted on local wildflowers. Every batch of wildflower honey is unique based on the weather and flower turnout of that season, this honey truly captures a time and place in a jar. Elysium Honey is a Virginia company and you can find a delicious honey vinaigrette recipe from them here.

Flowers contributing to this honey are a unique blend of Crimson Clover, Tulip Poplar, Cherry, Blackberry, Black Locust, Goldenrod, Native Sunflowers, Ironweed, Buckwheat, Brassica, Milkweed, Sunflower, Black and Brown Eyed Susans, Wild Bergamot, Purple Coneflower, Blue Lobelia, Elderberry, Silky Dogwood, Winterberry Holly, Devil’s Walking stick and more. 

11 oz.