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Citrus Honey

Citrus honey is one of the most popular mono-floral honeys in the world, and for good reason. The bees that created this honey feasted on lemon, mandarin oranges, and bergamot, giving this honey a pH almost as acidic as lemon. The low pH slows the oxidization of fruit, making this honey a delicious and natural way to prepare fruit salads this summer. 

11 oz.

The Elysium Honey Company is a social impact company led by master beekeeper, Diego Delacorte. They focus on land conversion, hive management and single-source kinds of honey from around the world. Elysium Honey is a Virginia company whose purpose is to address the plight of the pollinator. They do this by positively impacting land through the introduction and cultivation of healthy bee forage, breeding queens, mentoring beekeepers and professionally placing and managing hives.

You can find a delicious honey vinaigrette recipe from them here, or try this peaches & mascarpone tart, drizzled with the local honey on top.

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