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Countryside Picnic Hamper

 Once only reserved for wealthy hunters and country people out on their estates, it was the Victorians who popularized the picnic and made it commonplace, with writers like Dickens, Trollop and Jane Austen all adopting the convention in their books. In the 1920's, big department stores had an entire department for picnic hampers and for motorists, which was the sport of the day, and made up the menus for them, and supplied the little wicker baskets and linen.
Our countryside wicker basket with adjustable carrying strap is perfect for your outing and large enough to hold all your essentials! Comes with an inner adjustable strap to hold your favorite bottle of wine, which leaves plenty of room for your plates, cutting board, charcuterie, and still more room for an extra bottle of wine, and don’t forget the glasses! 

Size: 16”x9.5”x12 

(Picnic accessories purchased separately)