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Hammered Boston Style Shaker Set - Silver Plate

The perfect set for any new mixology enthusiast or for the more seasoned hobbyist who simply needs an upgrade. Shake up the perfect drink with this Prince of Scots hammered Boston style shaker in a gorgeous silver finish  Elegant and refined, Prince of Scots gleaming bar essentials speak the sophistication of your home bar experience.

Constructed of hammered stainless steel with pure silver plate, this set of bar essentials will look great on any bar cart. Silver has been prized for its beauty since the 5th Century BC.  The beautiful white color and radiating shine of pure silver continue to enrapture people today, just as it did thousands of years ago.

Set includes Boston Style Shaker, Double Sided Jigger, and 2 Shot Glasses.

  • Boston Style Shaker includes 28 Ounce Bottom Cup with 16 Ounce Mixing Glass. Hammered Stainless Steel with Pure Silver Plate.
  • Double-Sided Japanese Jigger constructed from hammered stainless steel with Pure Silver Plate. The Smaller Jigger 1 Once with 1/2 ounce measurement marks. The 2 ounce side has 3/4 and 1 1/2 ounce marks for measurement.
  • Two Copper Shot Glasses with Pure Silver Plate.  Includes Polishing Cloth. 
  • To keep your barware in mint condition, use proper care. Wash by hand in hot soapy water. Rinse in clear hot water.  Dry with a towel, as air-drying causes water spots. Store in dry safe place to prevent scratching.