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Chickapiglet Game

From the designer of the hit game Chickapig comes the new animal-themed matching game for younger ones, Chickapiglet. Designed for ages 4+, Chickapiglet allows players to move Little Joe Chickapig across the board in a race with The Cow while they match animal cards to create different hybrid animals. This cooperative board game encourages creative play and is fun for both kids and adults alike.

Local game-creator and author Brian Calhoun grew up in the countryside of Rockbridge County, VA and relocated to Charlottesville, VA in his early twenties to launch Rockbridge Guitar, an artisan business crafting high-end acoustic guitars for musicians including Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, and Brandi Carlisle. After playing a board game he deemed boring, Calhoun came up with the idea for the Chickapig game in 2013 and found great success. Since then he has expanded the Chickapig brand to include a children’s game and books, as well as partnered with Dave Matthews to create an adult poker-style game, 25 Outlaws. Check out more of Calhoun’s products on our shop page.

  • Contains 24 Animal tokens, 4 Cow Poop tokens, 12 Animal Hybrid cards, 1 Little Joe Chickapig pawn, 1 Cow pawn, 1 Farm Game Board, 3 Chickapiglet Friend pawns, 1 Storage bag, Instructions.
  • Recommended age: 4 and up
  • Dimensions: 2.18 x 10.57 x 10.57 inches
  • Weight: 1.27 lbs

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