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Chickapig Board Game

Chickapig: A Farm To Table Game first launched as a grassroots board game in 2016 by game creator and Charlottesville resident Brian Calhoun and musician Dave Matthews. Game rules: You are in charge of a flock of Chickapigs. Strategically move your Chickapigs across the board to pass through the goal on the other side. Along your way, do everything you can to thwart your opponents. And beware of the pooping cow!

Brian Calhoun, grew up in the countryside of Rockbridge County, VA. Calhoun relocated to Charlottesville, VA in his early twenties and launched Rockbridge Guitar, an artisan business crafting high-end acoustic guitars for musicians including Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Brandi Carlile, Warren Haynes, and more. After playing a board game he deemed boring, Calhoun came up with the idea for the Chickpig game in 2013